FleeceHEAD Media (FHM) offers a wide range of creative and design services.

After a career of helping technology companies grow their business via marketing and sales initiatives, CEO Steven Lichtman had an epiphany. The two halves of his life made the whole, but that whole was what everyone in business needs. 

How do you bridge the gap between creative services you desperately need, and a front facing marketing guide to navigate you through the process?

What seemed so complicated at first thought, really is just an extension of who we all are at FleeceHEAD Media. We are artists, designers, and creatives all of whom at one point or another spent a large portion of our careers “stuck” in the corporate world, serving masters who cared nothing about separating from the pack, and only how to stay within it. For us at FHM that approach is outdated and we are actively changing and challenging that perception in marketing.

You may need a mascot for your auto dealership chain, or creative branding and marketing for your next soft launch of a Cloud-based service. Whatever the creative needs may be, from the physical to the digital, FleeceHEAD Media is strategically backed with the talent you need to get ahead of your market, look great in doing so, and have conversations with people who understand you. No more hoping “the creatives” get it. We all get it at FHM, because we live it.

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